Types of Refunds. 
We reserve the right to provide refunds only in point credits to customer's account. Cash refunds will only be done on the basis that there is an error on the item which resulted from us. All other refunds via debit/credit cards will be refunded via account credits. 

When is a Customer Eligible for a Refund/Return/Exchange?
If the customers change their mind about any of items purchased, we reserve the right to not process a refund/return/exchange on this basis.

  • A customer is able to claim for a Refund/Return/Exchange if they did not receive their item due to a technical error. The customer is still expected to produce proof of payment before the refund is processed.
  • A customer cannot Refund/Return/Exchange on the basis that a better deal is offered elsewhere.
  • RefundRefund/Return/Exchange should be made before or 7 working days after customer received the item.
  • Should any seller offer a better deal to a customer, the customer is unable to Refund/Return/Exchange on this basis.
  • A customer cannot Refund/Return/Exchange based on a third party review advising them not to purchase.
  • A customer cannot Refund/Return/Exchange on the basis that purchase price is made during promotion. NO previous price changes after promotion period.
  • Refund/Return/Exchange are also not issued should a customer change their mind about the purchase.
  • If  an order item has expired, same item with newer date will be replaced. Unless the item is out of stock only points refund will be provided.
  • If a purchase is made in error, a Refund/Return/Exchange is not available as all sales are final.
  • If  payment made via bank transfer. Eg: Total amount RM147 but RM150 was paid. Balance will be issued by credit point.